NFL Power Rankings: Chicago Bears continue to climb

It was just two weeks ago when the Chicago Bears were considered among many media outlets to be the worst team in the NFL. Now the Bears have rallied off two in a row and are climbing up the rankings.

Here’s how they rank in media outlets’ power rankings:


Last week ESPN had the Bears at #24 but this week they are up five spots to #29 on the list.

Game-winning scores in the final 30 seconds of regulation in back-to-back weeks for the Bears. QB Jay Cutler had four such victories in his first six seasons with the Bears.

CBS Sports

The Bears were movers again in Pete Prisco’s rankings this week, jumping up one spot to #19.

Despite all the injuries, they’ve won two consecutive games after a slow start. Jay Cutler is playing well.

NFL’s Elliott Harrison has the Bears second-straight moving them up seven spots. Harrison has the Bears at No. 24 on his list.

If you’re gonna beat up Jay Cutler when he doesn’t play well, you gotta give it up when he leads his team back from the dead.

FOX Sports

After being #32 just a few weeks ago, the Bears have moved up a total of 11 spots to get to #21 on the list. Sunday’s win over the Chiefs propelled the Bears up five spots.

Jay Cutler has turned the narrative around, earning the respect of his teammates by playing through an injury. The Bears are believers in themselves, and despite their lack of talent on the defensive side of the ball, they are finding ways to scrap out wins.


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