Chicago White Sox congratulate Chicago Cubs with billboard

As the city of Chicago cheers on the Cubs as they play in the NLCS against the New York Mets, another team is offering their support for the Northsiders.

While the rivalry between Cubs and White Sox fans may be fierce between the fans, the two organizations respect eachother as that was proven again Friday. The White Sox took out a billboard on the Dan Ryan to congratulate the Cubs on their recent achievement.

DNA Info first reported on the billboard:

The South Side organization saluted the Cubs with a message that read “Congrats Cubs From The White Sox” that included the Cubs and NLCS logos. The message ran on the Sox’s video billboard just off the Dan Ryan Expy. near U.S. Cellular Field.

After the White Sox won the World Series in 2005, the Cubs put up a congratulations message on their signature marquee board. The Cubs are looking to bring Chicago its first baseball title since that 2005 season as they will take on the Mets in the NLCS beginning Saturday.

See, Chicago fans can all get along.


Been following Chicago sports for many years. I have ties to Rockford, Illinois however have since been displaced in North Carolina far from Illinois. I am still an avid fan despite the geographical complications in following my teams. I am known as the internet’s #1 Rex Grossman connoisseur

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