Mike Ditka sports Green Bay Packers sweater in McDonald’s commerical

You might want to close your eyes Chicago Bears fans.

Legendary head coach Mike Ditka stars in a new McDonald’s commercial in which he sports a Green Bay Packers sweater similar to his iconic Bears sweater. The commercial is a promo for McDonald’s new “Gametime Gold” contest which will offer prizes to fans via a peel-off sticker on select products.

Here’s the commercial below:


I guess this explains this Jerry Rice tweet:

Things just aren’t going the Bears way this season.


Chicago sports.

3 thoughts on “Mike Ditka sports Green Bay Packers sweater in McDonald’s commerical

  • October 28, 2015 at 10:30 PM

    Well, it’s understandable that everyone wants & needs to make money. Especially when any sort of opportunity becomes known to anyone of us! However, like many other scenarios & situations EXCEPTIONS are part of this too. This Ad that “Da Coach” is part of and in, Undoubtedly is one of those Exceptions! Personally, I’ve asked 57 different people to this point in time and they all agree it was wrong to do. Now it is True those folks are BEARS Fans, but I’m guessing that many others will not approve much either. Especially when they learn the complete picture. His Legendary reputation in some respects is compromised or even damaged. This is all because of doing that STUPID commercial for money that he probably DID NOT need. So it might cost him much more and in numerous ways, far beyond what he earned. There is much more to this though and the most Important part of this overall effects the FANS! This is just another example of how countless people will do anything and everything for Money. Even when they have more than they’ll NEED or USE but still MORE & MORE they MUST HAVE! Anyway, that is another subject that I can and do go on & on about but that is for another place. Really, though, it was so Foolish, Hurtful, (too many) Disloyal and more but it was NOT a good thing overall and more?


    James Mario Wilson
    GySgt. USMC

  • November 1, 2015 at 8:50 PM

    no more mcdonalds for me . does mike need a couple of buck? i hope not.is mike moving to green bay? is there a hamburger place in green bay? a sad day for bear fans .thanks mike

  • November 3, 2015 at 1:10 PM

    I don’t live in Chicago anymore but I bleed blue& orange I have for a long time. Before Ditka became Da ‘coach. I was born at Passavant (Now Northwestern) I plead to residents of Chicago. Make a public ban on “Ditka’s” restaurant until he submits a public apology. PS I have even shook Dick Butkus’s hand before

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