Philip Rivers explains ‘rivalry’ with Jay Cutler

Over the years it’s been thought that Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers have a rivalry.

While the media and national audience may think it’s a rivalry, it pretty much isn’t. Sure there was the trash-talking between the two in 2007:

In 2008, Cutler spoke on the feud telling his side of the story. “It’s become a nice rivalry,” Cutler said during an appearance on Best Damn Sports Show Period. “We’re both younger guys, both on pretty good teams in the same division and we get to see eachother twice. You know I’m just not that big of a fan of the guy.”

Seven years later the two quarterbacks meet again on Monday Night Football with both the Chargers and Bears struggling. With neither team really in the playoff race, the attention has turned to Cutler and Rivers. On Thursday, Rivers explained his side of the story.

“Not really. Shoot, Jay and I, I don’t know if he’d say the same thing, but I have no issues with Jay at all. So it’ll be a normal handshake just like it is with all the other quarterbacks. There are really no hard feelings there whatsoever.  There weren’t really any even that night, or after.  Obviously the hype that ensued kind of built it up.

I think it was weird (the hype it got).  It was just the timing of it really more than anything. Shoot, there are a lot of interactions like that that happen out here on this practice field during training camp with my own teammates. So, there’s nothing malicious about it.  But you look back and go it’s crazy what was made of it.  In hindsight you wish it probably never happened, but it was certainly not the big deal that it turned into.”

Those are some pretty interesting comments by Rivers as the rivalry has seemed to calm down quite a bit.


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