Martellus Bennett: “St. Louis is Seattle’s little brother”

The Chicago Bears are feeling pretty good about themselves following a 37-13 win over the St. Louis Rams, improving to 4-5 on the season.

After the Rams got on the board early with a Todd Gurley touchdown run, the Bears answered right back and took control of the game. Things got a little chippy at times but in the end, so the Bears were aware of how the Rams like to play especially after a dirty hit to Teddy Bridgewater last week.

The message was sent loud and clear to the Bears this week and after the game, tight end Martellus Bennett had some words for the Rams.

“I consider St. Louis Seattle’s little brother,” Bennett told CSN reporter Kip Lewis in the lockerroom. “Just a bunch of front-runners. I mean 97, he’s a little b****.  Umm so overall I’m just happy to go out there and kick their ass.”

Those are some pretty strong words by Bennett on how he feels about the Rams. His younger brother, Michael, plays for Seattle who plays St. Louis twice a week. During the past week, the NFL was put on alert about the Rams play and defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was the subject of conversation.

Oh it’s going to be a treat when the Rams get ahold of this one.


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