ESPN announces new 30 For 30 documentary on 1985 Chicago Bears

The city of Chicago loves its Bears, there’s no hiding that. And when you think of the Chicago Bears, it’s hard not to first think of the 1985 team that won the Super Bowl.

There have been plenty of books written and films made about the historic team, but the newest one could be the best yet. ESPN has announced that the 1985 Chicago Bears will be the subject of the newest 30 For 30 film entitled “The ’85 Bears.”

Check out a sneak peek:

The film will air on ESPN Feb. 4 at 8 p.m. CT and it looks like a must-watch.


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One thought on “ESPN announces new 30 For 30 documentary on 1985 Chicago Bears

  • December 13, 2015 at 9:46 AM

    The Bears dominated. Check the stats. For a decade the numbers they put up were astounding There was no other team in the history of football that even came close. You can have your Patriots, Dolphins, Stealers, Fudge Packers, I would put this team up against any of those, and win in dominant fashion. So when the Packer fans say we as Bears fans should quit talking about 1985,…That’s just because you are jealous that YOUR team is not know as the “BEST TEAM EVER ASSEMBLED”. We own that bragging right and nothing will ever change that.

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