NFL Power Rankings: Bears fall in majority of media outlet rankings

After another loss, the Chicago Bears are on the brink of elimination. They also dropped in the majority of NFL media outlet power rankings except for one.

The Bears still aren’t the worst team in the NFL, as they were weeks ago according to some outlets, but they can barely scratch the top 20 in some rankings. Check out our weekly roundup:


The Bears actually jumped two spots up to No. 19 in the collection of writers, analysts and insiders rankings.

The Bears must not like the song “Sweet Home Chicago.” They are 1-6 at Soldier Field this season, tied with the Titans for the worst home record.

Chicago drops four spots from No. 16 and Elliot Harrison hits the nail right on the head:

Boy, right when you get excited about the Bears, they spend two weeks reminding you they are, in fact, the Bears. What the heck were offensive coordinator Adam Gase and Jay Cutler thinking on the final drive? Instead of taking vertical shots on third down, why not throw something underneath to Matt Forte to get Robbie Gould closer? No matter how effective kickers are these days, 50-yarders on wet grass are not gimmes. They aren’t 50-50 propositions, either.

CBS Sports

Pete Prisco has shown love for the Bears all season long, ranking them high when they probably shouldn’t have been in the first place. This week they fall just two spots to No. 18:

Robbie Gould has cost them two games and a chance to be in the playoff race. That’s not a good look for the veteran kicker.

Yahoo! Sports

Chicago climbed all the way up to No. 16, but another loss has them down four spots to No. 20:

Zach Miller has been a crazy story. He last played an NFL game in 2011. Then he resurfaced with the Bears this season. The last five weeks he has 278 yards and five touchdowns. Pretty cool resurgence for the 31-year old.

FOX Sports

The Bears peaked at No. 15 on FOX Sports’ rankings just a few weeks ago. Now they have fallen all the way down to No. 24:

The Bears were finally able to get the passing game going, but costly mistakes on defense and the inability to stop Washington’s intermediate passing game kept Chicago’s defense on the field for over 34 minutes.


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