Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright takes shot at former teammate Jason Heyward

The St. Louis Cardinals are not happy with Jason Heyward‘s decision to sign with the Chicago Cubs this offseason.

A few days ago Mike Matheny expressed his displeasure with Heyward signing to the rival Cubs saying it “wont ring too well” with their ball club. Now another Cardinals player has made a comment about Heyward’s decision.

Speaking on the Bernie Miklasz radio show on Tuesday, Adam Wainwright stated that Heyward didn’t want to be “the one, a cornerstone guy your team builds around.” Wainwright’s comments reflect those of Matheny who pointed out a few Cardinals players may retire soon.

The Cardinals seemed to have moved on from Heyward who played one season in St. Louis after being acquired for pitcher Shelby Miller. But now they are speaking out.

Wainwright went on to compliment management for doing all they could to get him back with the Cardinals.

“When you look at that money that was offered to him, there’s really not much more our management can do than offer him that contract,” Wainwright said. “He knows that we’re going to be in a position to win every year. and what it comes down to is this: he didn’t want to play there after myself, and Yadier (Molina) and Matt (Holliday) were gone, on such a long contract.

While Wainwright may have a point, he must have forgot that the Cubs have also put themselves in a position to win each season. With the young talent on the roster, the Cubs are set to be one of the NL’s best teams for years to come.

He also played the whole “St. Louis vs. Everybody” card:

Maybe the Cardinals are realizing the Cubs just aren’t the “little brothers” in the NL Central anymore and the rivalry is starting to take some turns.




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One thought on “Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright takes shot at former teammate Jason Heyward

  • December 23, 2015 at 1:27 PM

    You are confusing the Cardinals fans with Cardinal players…Cardinals have never taken any team whether It’s a 1st place team or an under .500 team for granted. If you remember, by the 2nd half of 2014, both Pirates and Cards were not anxious to play against the Cubs. Cubs were the ultimate spoiler….and ALWAYS have been, everyone knew that in and out of the division..except maybe Cubs fans. This “little brother” mantra was started by Cubs front office, and they have gotten fans to buy into it. Cubs were never anyone’s “little brother”. Look, you got Heyward…enjoy it..but the moment he actually uses names to point out weaknesses in an opposing team, that’s just not right, and you had to know there would be a response. If you dish it out, you have to be able to take it when it comes back at you. Can’t have it both ways. What Heyward said(on why he chose the Cubs) is true; what Wainwright said is also correct, and we all know it. You know, there is a team called the Pittsburgh Pirates that are a great team with great players,maybe you need to start giving them a little attention and the respect they deserve.

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