Derrick Rose on Jimmy Butler: “He’s the most talented guy I’ve played with”

Much has been said about the relationship between Chicago Bulls guards Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler. Every time the Bulls struggle, it’s brought up in conversation.

Now it was brought up again in a recent interview with ESPN.

Rose sat down with ESPN’s Bulls beat writer Nick Friedell to answer some questions about his play this season and the relationship with Butler was brought up. Rose complimented Butler and praised him as being one of the best players during his time with the Bulls.

derrick-rose-jimmy-butler“Yeah, for sure. For sure,” Rose said when asked if Butler was the most talented guy he’s played with in Chicago. “And you still don’t know, nobody still knows how good he could become, so that’s the great thing about it.”

While many make the relationship seem to be one that’s sour, that answer makes Rose sound like he has no problem at all. But the team’s play and stats make many wonder what is really going on.

This season it’s been the Butler story for the Bulls as he’s contributed almost 6 wins in theĀ Real Plus-Minus Wins. Rose on the other hand has a rating of -1.49 in that category putting him 83rd out of 83 point guards in the league. Ouch.

But despite his struggles and the talk of free agency the next few years, Rose says he wants to remain in Chicago.

Friedell mentioned to Rose that he told him he never wanted to play anywhere else but Chicago. “That’s still true. Still true,” Rose replied. “Just having my son [P.J.], I’m doing all this because of my son now, you know? Just wanting to be around him every day, having him come up here, shoot with me or see me shooting til he’s able to become a ball boy.”

While Rose isn’t the player he once was during his 2011 MVP season, the Bulls will have to live with what he is. And maybe, just maybe that’s good enough to help the Bulls in a playoff push.


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