Robbie Gould: “I’ve spoiled people in Chicago”

Frustrations against Chicago Bears kicker Robbie Gould have mounted this season, especially with his struggles.

Gould missed two key kicks this season, one that would have won the game and another to tie the game, and many are now wondering what the team will do with him. He’s scheduled to be the highest paid kicker in the NFL next season, and by cutting him the Bears could save some money.

On Wednesday Gould appeared on ESPN 1000’s Kap & Co. show to talk about his future and he had some interesting things to say. Co-host Nick Friedell asked Gould about what the Bears have told him on whether or not he will be back next season.

“I think it’s just ironic everyone is trying to tell me if I’m coming back or not,” Gould said in response. “I mean if really, everyone is going to try and run me out of the city for two kicks. I’ve made a heck of a lot more kicks than I’ve missed.”

Gould highlighted his struggles this season but pointed something else out.

“I get it and I guess at some point, some part of it is that I’ve spoiled people for the way I’ve performed,” Gould said on the show. “So it’s something they are not used to.”

While Gould struggled this season he still managed to set a franchise record. He made 33 of 39 field goals, breaking Kevin Butler’s franchise record for most in a season. But the one thing that looms are the missed kicks and the fact that he missed three in a row, twice this season.

Gould will be the highest paid kicker in the league in 2016, scheduled to make $3M of his base salary with $600,000 signing bonus and a $500,000 roster bonus. He’s currently the seventh most active kicker in league history, so the Bears will potentially have a big decision on their hands.


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