2016 Cubs Convention: Live blog, news and more

It’s one of the best times leading up to the start of baseball season. Yes, the annual Chicago Cubs convention where fans gather to meet the team, chat about the previous and upcoming season and check out a ton of cool things.

With the Cubs season in 2015, the hype and excitement going into 2016 is through the roof. It’s safe to say that this years convention will be one of the most anticipated in years for the organization.

Check back as we update this post with everything going on during this years convention.

Saturday, Jan. 16

3:40 — Cubs sophomore panel underway!

2:00 — More Wrigley construction updates

1:45 — For those of you that hate the 3:05 starts on Friday, you’re in luck. The Cubs announce they will move Friday games back to 1:20 starts at home.

11:01 — Well then..

11:00 — Hoyer also says it was an “added benefit” to get Heyward and Lackey from the Cardinals.

10:38 — Baseball Management session is here and one of the most notable comments was on Jorge Soler. Jed Hoyer says the Cubs are aware of Soler’s struggles with the cold weather. Hoyer says Soler didn’t look comfortable during the NLCS.

9:56 — Some highlights from the Ricketts family forum:

Also new elevators to be installed at Wrigley Field.

9:00 — Ricketts family forum kicks off. Discussion about team’s offseason and Wrigley Field expected to take place.

Friday, Jan. 15

9:46 — First night is a wrap. Check back tomorrow for more updates.

6:40 — Welcome.


6:30 —Introductions beginning. Ryne Sandberg gets the loudest cheer for former Cubs players in attendance. Great to have Ryno back in Chicago.

6:11 — Cubs to stick with the “Let’s Go” slogan but will also use “Together”.

6:08 — Tom Ricketts greets the crowd. Speaks on the Cubs Charities, improving Wrigley Field and the Cubs winning a World Series in the future. Crowd in an uproar.

6:05 — HERE. WE. GO. Cubs kickoff the opening ceremony with a video but it glitches as they show the NLDS highlights. Hope that’s not a bad sign.

5:15 — Waiting around as the ballroom begins to pack in. Cubs posting some cool emoji photos via Twitter.

4:45 — Line for the ballroom and opening ceremony has finally started moving. Lots of Cubs fans here so getting a seat might be next to impossible.

4:24 — Pitcher Jake Arrieta files at $13M while the Cubs are at $7.5. Pretty safe to say they weren’t going to come to an agreement. Best guess is they settle at $11M.

3:52 — Cubs avoid arbitration with another player. They settled at $4.8 million with outfielder Chris Coghlan.

3:40 — Found the Schwarber ball.

3:35 —  There’s also this.

3:20 — Greeted by a large Cubs hat in the lobby and Gary Pressey greets you with the sounds of Wrigley Field through his organ.

3:17 — Arrival at the Sheraton hotel and already fans are outside waiting for players. The good news is I’ve only seen one person dressed up in a full Cubs uniform that’s not on the team. That’s a win.

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