VIDEO: Anthony Rizzo hits “The Whip” and “Nae Nae” at Cubs Convention

The “Whip” and “Nae Nae” became popular across the country in 2015 with various videos, athlete celebrations and even a song being produced. The dance is a combination of two dances in which someone pretends to whip their steering wheel and then lean back with a hand in the air.

It took the sports world by storm too. And now it’s hit one of the Chicago Cubs biggest stars.

During the 2016 Cubs Convention, first baseman Anthony Rizzo was on-stage for a segment with Clark the Cub, David Ross and Jason Hammel. Rizzo then performed the dance move as Ross sang the song and the crowd loved it.  Check it out:

And an alternate angle with Ross singing:

This was easily one of the best moments of the convention.


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