Chicago Cubs still have plans for launching a TV network

There’s been a buzz for years about the Chicago Cubs launching their own TV Network as they look to cash in on a nice cable deal. During the annual Cubs Convention this past weekend, the topic was brought up again and President of Business Operations Crane Kenney addressed the situation during a special panel.

Kenney said that the Cubs network is still in the plans and are focused on launching it before 2020. However, he says don’t expect a mega deal  like the Los Angeles Dodgers got for their network.

“Remember, there is no sell the rights to someone else and they take all the risk,” Kenney said Saturday via Comcast SportsNet Chicago. “The world doesn’t work that way, with one exception: That’s what happened in L.A., where now Time Warner can’t clear the games in half the homes. And obviously it’s a huge loss for them.

The Dodgers got a $300 million deal for their own network, helping out with the team’s payroll. The Cubs won’t get that much, but they should get a pretty nice deal when it happens. The Cubs deal will likely be similar to what the Boston Red Sox or New York Yankees have.

The Cubs are currently locked into a deal with Comcast SportsNet Chicago, ABC and WGN for exclusive rights through 2019, so they will likely begin working on that major deal about a year or two from now.

As for now? Kenney announced some good news for Cubs fans who want to watch the games when they aren’t at home or don’t have access to a TV.

Yes, you will now be able to stream games on your cellphone which is huge for fans across the country.


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