Matt Forte says Jay Cutler plays a “huge role” in him returning to Chicago

The Chicago Bears are facing an important decision with free agent running back Matt Forte this offseason. The Bears will have to decide whether or not to bring back the 30-year-old for his third contract with the team or go with second-year back Jeremy Langford next season.

Forte has been a workhorse for the Bears organization since the 2008 season, being the feature back every year. He’s produced when they’ve needed him to and has been a nice weapon in the Bears’ offense throughout the years.

But that all could come to an end this season.

Forte made an appearance on CBS Sports Network to discuss his upcoming pending free agency period and whats important to him to stay with the Bears. The running back gave an answer that may shock people when he mentioned quarterback Jay Cutler as a big key to him returning.

“He’s a huge role. He’s been there since my second year,” Forte said. “I’m comfortable with him in the backfield. Despite what everybody says about him, I think he’s grown a lot as a quarterback and as a person after being married, having kids — you can’t help but grow up. I think he’s grown a lot as a quarterback too. … There’s a learning curve if you go to a team and everything’s new.”

Cutler will be the Bears quarterback in 2016 after an impressive showing under new offensive coordinator Adam Gase and head coach John Fox. But the quarterback could lose more than just Gase, who accepted the head coaching job in Miami, he could also lose his valuable running back.

If it was up to Forte however, the running back would have already signed in Chicago.


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