Chicago man re-creates March Madness moments

Chicago man re-created some March Madness moments

It’s March and that means the best month for sports is here. With March Madness tipping off in just under 24 hours, the excitement is at an all-time high.

One Chicago man, Sam Healy, decided to re-create 13 of the most iconic shots in March Madness history. The Ukrainian Village resident took to a local court to film and turned it into a masterpiece.

Watch below:

While Healy just released the video, he’s had the ideas for years. But 2016 was finally the year he did it. “I actually had the idea for that video for about five to six years now, I’ve just never gotten off my ass and done it,” said Healy in an interview with Red Eye Chicago. “All in all I was pretty happy with how it turned out after just 40 minutes shooting around with a friend.”

We’d say he did a great job with the spot-on impersonations. Which one is your favorite?


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