Kyle Schwarber makes little leaguer’s day

The Chicago Cubs are just having all sorts of fun at Spring Training in Arizona.

Whether it’s karaoke, fun t-shirts, singing happy birthday or even helping the community, the team has done it for their entire stay. The latest incident happened on Sunday when second-year catcher Kyle Schwarber saved the day for a little league player from Chicago in Arizona.

Jose Alvarado and his team from Chicago were flown down to Arizona to take on another little league team and met the Cubs team. They were even informed of the decision by first baseman Anthony Rizzo via Skype just a few weeks ago.

But while Alvardo was playing catch in the bullpen his mitt ripped. That’s where Schwarber answered the call.

The Cubs catcher saw that Alvardo’s glove was ripped and decided to lend him his, as the Chicago little league team defeated the team from Arizona. It gets even better according to Yahoo Sports:

Toward the end, Schwarber found Jose. This is where the story gets even better.

He asked Jose to follow him to the clubhouse. There, Schwarber dug through his locker, eventually pulling out a brand-new black catcher’s mitt with his name written on the side. This one wouldn’t need to be returned. He gave it to Jose.

Then Schwarber grabbed a couple arms full of gear and brought it back to the practice field. One kid got a pair of shoes. Another got a bat. Another batting gloves. As that excitement settled, Jose was standing there marveling at his new catcher’s glove.

“It’s amazing,” Jose said, “that he handed me a glove twice today.”

While we always make a big deal of the negative stories in sports, it’s cool to see that some athletes can still have a positive impact. Good for you Kyle.


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One thought on “Kyle Schwarber makes little leaguer’s day

  • March 22, 2016 at 9:56 AM

    With the story about Kyle it is becoming obvious that the Cubs are a class act. Go Cubs

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