Doug McDermott tackles Whiteside, earns flagrant


Doug McDermott doesn’t believe in giving up easy buckets…

Who said today’s NBA was soft? Just check out Doug McDermott channeling his inner Bill Laimbeer and taking down Hassan Whiteside to prevent a dunk in the third quarter of the Bulls’ 106-98 loss to the Miami Heat:

Maybe John Fox should have a look at the film and see if there’s anything there he can work with. After all, the Chicago Bears defense is still looking to upgrade…

Ok, it really wasn’t that bad. For one, McDermott makes a real effort to wrap up Whiteside before he elevates, which is the safe play. Then, it’s really only because of inertia that McDermott and Whiteside lose their balance and hit the floor, with McDermott’s concerted effort to keep him from falling actually working against them both.

It’s easy to see the difference between what McDermott did and what the used to happen to people 25-30 years ago:

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Nonetheless, after review, the officiating crew assessed McDermott a Flagrant 1 on the play, which incidentally was both McDermott’s first career flagrant foul and the first flagrant foul of any kind committed by the Bulls all season. The way Whiteside destroyed them in the 4th quarter of this game, maybe someone ought to have wrapped him up more often. Too bad McDermott didn’t think Josh Richardson was worth getting in the way of here…

Someone could’ve at least made a funny face or something to distract him on his way to dunking on your entire team…

Now, sitting 3.0 games behind the Pistons (who hold the tiebreaker against them) and 3.5 games behind the Pacers with three games remaining, the Bulls can just about pack their bags for their summer vacations.

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