Shaq Lawson to have private workout with the Chicago Bears

Shaq Lawson will visit the Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears have former Clemson edge defender Shaq Lawson coming in on Monday for a private workout ahead of the NFL Draft.

Laweson tweeted out that he will be visiting the Bears following a workout at the Detroit Lions. First question to ask is whether or not Lawson’s a fit for the Bears? With a hybrid defense like the one Fangio has in place there’s really no player that can’t be fit in except for ironically enough a space eating zero technique that’s a staple in the original Oakie 30 front.

In Fangio’s scheme you’re more likely to find a 40 front 3 technique as he uses under-fronts quite often. Fangio also requires his lineman to be interchangeable as he does his secondary. Hence the hybrid theme. A defense designed to be adaptable to counter any offense at any time without having to give away scheme with personnel substitutions and formations.

With adaptability being a key focus to the Bears defense Lawson could fit in this defense easily, however if it were to be as a 3-4 OLB his skill set is a little redundant with the Bears three other outside linebackers skill set. As a matter of fact you can throw on tape of all 4 players, and see the same game.

Mostly power players who usually attack straight on with a bull and a speed bull rush and than counter off of that using their hands to slap an offensive tackles hands away and also using spin moves to the inside, as well as a rip move, and a club.  this is especially similar when watching Pernell McPhee, and Lamarr Houston’s tape in comparison to Lawson’s. Willie Young does have a more athletic game using speed and quickness, but still power is very much a part of his game as well as he essentially is a 4-3 defensive end playing OLB in this scheme.

Now there is another way Lawson cold fit on this roster, and that’s as a 5 technique. In order to do this and be effective he would likely have to put on 10-15 pounds of muscle. He is already at 270 so this doesn’t seem like a daunting task.

However he is only 6’3″ so the question is how much athleticism will he lose putting on this weight, and will it alter his game to where he’d be a lot less effective as a player.

Than there is the shoulder injury issue. Will he be able to be aggressive enough immediately to be able to contribute as a 5 technique as early as this season, or will this essentially be a red shirt season of sorts? This is the question that has to be asked and answered by may 28th if Lawson is to remain on the Bears board. This private workout should go a long way towards determining that very thing.

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