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It never ceases to amaze me just how easy it is to make perception into reality.

The fact there are people out there that take advantage of people’s wishes and manipulate them into believing unsubstantiated information into fact with bush league click bate material insults my sensibilities. I suppose for the common blogger the pressure to get clicks to advance in the world of blogging and hopefully one day get picked up by some site that wants to actually pay you for your hard work is just too enticing.

After all your worth is determined by how many views a blog gets so that advertisers want to post their banners on that blogs page. No different from any other business it’s all about money and in the blogging world the money comes from sponsorship.

That’s why I have to kind of give a pass to the bloggers out there who start, &/or perpetuate rumors like the one about Mohammed Wilkerson to the Bears trade rumor started about a week ago.

Still I can’t help but feel a bit slimy about this way of doing business. One would hope that above everything journalist integrity would be upheld even by the most amateurish of hopeful media journalists. Even more importantly upheld by the sites these bloggers get picked up from. How can you be looked upon as a legitimate news media source by promoting such tactics.

Well money keeps these sites going so you take what you can or else you go bye bye. In this day and age I suppose it’s less realistic to expect that one would be rewarded for accurate truthful reporting than sensationalist journalism in the reality TV world we live in. People want drama.

It’s why such a ridiculous presidential candidate like Donald Trump can run for commander of Chief and actually be taken seriously. Give em what they want not what they need. It’s all based on metrics, and bottom line results and in my world a damn shame, but such is the world we live in.

I suppose my greater point is just because it’s the thing to do it’s not necessarily the thing to do. If that makes sense? If it does than you’re just as big of an idealist as I am. Realist’s are far too quick to accept the status quo. I consider myself a realist in that I can see how things are, but it doesn’t stop me from wanting to see human beings act in the idealistic way. In this case I am blaming you and me the reader, the consumer for not just accepting less than the absolute fact, but actually flaming the flames and spreading the firestorm of fantasy, and speculative journalism that actually thrives and prospers from this mis-information.

It puts bloggers/journalists like myself in a tough spot. We have to complete against other bloggers out there willing to completely whore themselves by throwing any thought out there and selling maybe’s as absolutes, because you the consumer buys this lazy journalism . I liken it to the steroid era in pro sports.

As an athlete you want to do it clean and with hard work as opposed to injecting who knows what into you, but how do you compete with the enhanced super athletes who use the same means you do plus the extra juice they intake into their bodies?

So I am appealing to you the common Joe who eats this crap up with a spoon like a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. I know you want it to be true. I really do. It’s understandable to hope for dream scenario’s to come true. I mean who doesn’t want that, but I feel it’s everyone’s responsibility to hold those that service us whether it be with entertainment or politics, or whatever to a higher standard.

Don’t accept less than the absolute best and make these bloggers, talk show hosts,  journalists and even those directly involved like agents and team officials use the media to use your wants against you to manipulate events. I know I don’t want to read the 100th blog about the same contrived content in the same day.

Yet once something is out there real or not your spoon fed this content regardless of if you’re hungry for it or not. Suddenly your Facebook group, Twitter timeline, discussion board, blog comment section is flooded with comment after comment, opinion after opinion of this drivel and you can’t discuss whats real without having to wade through the nonsense to get to more legitimate news of the day.

Don’t get me wrong I think there is a legitimate story here. It’s very possible that the Bears are talking to the New York Jets about Wilkerson, and there is a legitimate match. The Jets are in cap hell, they have solid depth on their defensive line, and they have a quarterback to pay. Meanwhile Wilkerson fits the profile of the young talent the Bears are looking to add, the Bears have the cap space to accommodate his salary needs, and he is at a position of need for the Bears. I don’t think it’s a sin to speculate the possibility of a deal.

It may very well happen.

I personally don’t see it, but it’s possible. My issue is with the abuse of this story. There are people out there milking this for far more than it’s worth. In the first day or two of the stories inception fine. Write about it, discuss it, watch it, deliver or consume the story in any way you like, but over a week later this is all you see on Bear media forums and quite frankly I’m getting sick to death of seeing hack bloggers, and journalists get all this play from it. So remember my fellow consumer of sports media information in regards to those who deliver it to you. Hold them to a higher standard. Make. Them. Work for it.

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  • April 13, 2016 at 8:12 AM

    Your article lost all validity when you invoked Politics. .what is with low end intellects as yourself. .stick to least you seem to have a minor grasp of the subject.

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