St. Louis Dunkin’ Donuts receives shipment of Chicago Blackhawks cups

Dunkin’ Donuts sends Chicago Blackhawks cups to a St. Louis location

A St. Louis Dunkin’ Donuts is getting into the spirit of the NHL Playoffs by supporting the Chicago Blackhawks, accidentally.

A location in Kirkwood, Missouri received a shipment of coffee cups that read “Dunkin’ Donuts: The official coffee of the Chicago Blackhawks.” There’s just one problem: the Blackhawks are playing the St. Louis Blues in the first round.

The story first appeared on Puck Daddy who reports that the store began selling them this week before the Blues’ game one win on Wednesday. The cups were even shown to fans before the game:

The television station went to the game and showed the cups to Blues fans heading into Scottrade Center. Said one fan to the station, “That’s disgusting. They can’t do that here.”

Added another fan, “They ought to give everybody who goes through there a free donut for a year.” 

The Dunkin’ Donuts location even released a statement on the incident via TV station KMOV:

“Due to an untimely shipping error from the regional distribution center. Being a local business owner and fan of the hometown team, the franchisee plans to switch out the cups as soon as they receive a new shipment.”

The cups are no longer being sold at that location. Game two will take place Friday night with puck drop set for 7 p.m. CDT at the Scott Trade Center in St. Louis.


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