How the Rams/Titans trade impacts Bears on draft day

With the big trade that was apparently consummated a day before yesterday-04/13/16-out of respect for Kobe Bryant’s last historic career game with the Los Angeles Lakers, the landscape of how the draft plays out has changed drastically and possibly more drastically still to come.

Most people (probably correctly) assume quarterback is the position they will address with the number one overall pick, and most think Carson Wentz will be that choice, but there are some who sight Jared Goff being a hometown hero swaying the Rams pick his way to enhance interest from a new fan-base.

There are some who already think this is just as much of a public relations move as it was love for their next franchise quarterback. There’s also the fact that this basically buys Fisher three more years at minimum without the media and fan-base calling for his head should things not go well the first year or two.

What this means is there is at least one more team getting a quarterback before the Bears first round pick than previously speculated, and many already had at the very least two going ahead of them in Wentz and Goff.

With up to three possible quarterback needy teams before the Chicago Bears in Cleveland (the previous favorite to land Wentz), the Dallas Cowboys (as the aging and beat up Tony Romo future replacement), and the San Francisco 49ers (with the trade demand by Colin Kaepernick), as well as the Rams being a potential trade partner to move up for one (most thought for Paxton Lynch) before this trade as a possible fourth. This already increased the Bears options of choice.

Those three teams are still possibly looking for the quarterback of their future and in some cases present. There are teams behind them like the New York Jets for example and New Orleans Saints that are pretty good suspects looking to move up for a quarterback themselves. I would also put Denver in that mix if the long anticipated trade for 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick never materializes. With each passing day that seems less likely.

I would not completely discount the Bills despite the emergence of Tyrod Taylor, and possibly New England if they like someone enough to earmark as Tom Brady’s Protege. Maybe Paxton Lynch, or if there’s another trade in the top ten that drops the Browns out before the Bears pick, and team X grabs someone other than a quarterback. Unlikely yes as most teams trade up for quarterbacks, but still possible.

This may put the Bears in prime position for a trade down and a pretty good haul. Especially if there’s a team completely enamored in a prospect and convinced that he can be the franchise quarterback most teams are currently coveting.

This would be the dream scenario the Bears are looking for as they stand to get a good player who may be great down the line, but more likely to just get a floor guy with minimal upside. Either way Bears are likely to get one more prospect drop to them to consider with the 11th overall pick. Stay tuned.

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