Cardinals fan rips up Jason Heyward jersey, because he is mad

Jason Heyward played one season for the St. Louis Cardinals.

That’s roughly 18 percent of his entire career. But yet when you bring up his name to Cardinals fans the hatred is so strong you would think he’s been there for five-plus years. On Monday, Heyward made his return to St. Louis for the first time since signing with the Chicago Cubs in the offseason.

In his first at-bat Heyward was booed by the fans, as expected and one fan was even fed up with it all. This Twitter video shows a Cardinals fan ripping up his Heyward jersey:

Notice all of the Cardinals fans cheering for the guy who likely spent $100-plus on the jersey. But wait, aren’t they the best fans in baseball? Why didn’t they give him a standing ovation because “that’s what the Cardinals do.”

Ah, that will show him!


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