Myles Jack refused to use Walter Payton’s locker out of respect

Myles Jack respects former Chicago Bears running back Walter Payton

UCLA linebacker Myles Jack is one of the more interesting draft prospects this season but he might have already won over the Chicago Bears fan base.

On his visit to Halas Hall in March, the linebacker was instructed to put his bags in the inside a replica of running back Walter Payton’s locker. Myles refused to do so, putting his stuff on the floor instead.

The reason will certainly make Bears fans happy.

“I have too much love, too much respect for the game,” Jack said in an interview with the Chicago Sun Times’ Patrick Finley. “That man, he’s a legend.”

Jack didn’t grow up in the area and wasn’t a Bears fan as he grew up in Arizona, but he certainly knows the history of the franchise. As for playing the linebacker position for the Bears? Jack said it would be an “honor” and a “privilege” to do so.

He might just get that chance to next season. Jack is one of the top linebacker prospects in this draft but concerns on his health could drop him in the first round and the Bears at No. 11 could be there to swoop him up.

The NFL Draft will begin Thursday, April 28 and will take place at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago.

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