Jake Arrieta responds to Stephen A. Smith, critics

It was just under a week ago when Jake Arrieta threw his second no-hitter in his last 9 starts. Arrieta dominated the Cincinnati Reds hitters as the Cubs cruised to a 16-0 win.

The next day rumors of Arrieta using steroids, prompted by a meme shared by Ozzie Guillen Jr., started to surface. On Tuesday, Arrieta addressed those ridiculous rumors by laying it down on the critics.

“I think it’s funny,” Arrieta said via ESPN. “I’ve always been in good shape. I just sucked early in my career from a statistical perspective. My body has always been very similar to how it is now. The results are different, so people want to question things. That’s the nature of sports.”

With a 4-0 start and an ERA of .87 this season, Arrieta has dominated. And with dominance, the haters come out. The latest was ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith who called out Arrieta on Wednesday, just hours before he’s scheduled to pitch against the Milwaukee Brewers.

Smith sent out a tweet with a link to his story about Arrieta:

It didn’t take Arrieta long to respond with this:

Boom. Roasted.


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