Everyone knew there would be cuts coming with the Bears over their allowed roster limit of 90 after the draft and after the Bears stocked up on priority free agents. Bears also stocked up on some young safeties and signed veteran Omar Bolden in free agency and that left Antrel Rolle out in the cold.

When you look at it it was as logical a cut as there was to make on this team. Rolle is an aging player that ate up a lot of money on the cap should they have kept him. Factor that in with the three safeties they drafted, the vet they signed from Denver, And the promising play of Adrian Amos, Chris Prosinski, and Harold Jones-Quartey this was a no brainer move despite what Antrel Rolle himself thinks about it.

Also there was the fact that there were questions about his Character as the Bears thought he was kind of sandbagging it and not doing all he could do to get his ass on the field. There was also some question to his leadership as being genuine. More talk than action. As we found out this coaching staff will weed out the locker room lawyers, loafers, and those not as invested in the team as they’d like and not hesitate to launch them.

Fact is Rolle did not play much off an injury that did not require surgery and that sealed his fate. An MCL sprain and an ankle sprain should not limit your snaps to the degree it did. He kind of showed his ass on the Speigel and Goff show this morning on 670 AM WSCR The Score with his excuse making and unbecoming whining not to mention contradicting himself by saying he’s not one to complain and than go on to…complain.

As for Slauson this was a very hard pill to swallow by many fans and even some media members who seem to be taking it a tad too personally as impartial media members never should let emotional bias get in the way of being a professional. Fact is…this is a business decision and should be judged based on that alone. Everyone knows what a great man Slauson is and the leadership he brought, but the Bears have an obligation to more people than one man regardless of how great of a guy he is.

The Bears clearly are making moves that they feel will better the team. They want a quick athletic and young group out there growing together and developing continuity as a unit. Most good offensive lines work as a tandem not separate parts flowing individually as do defensive back-fields. They will be good if they all work well together . As for the offensive-line I see four athletes from left guard to right guard and one massive human at right tackle manhandling defensive ends and edge players opening holes and creating time for Cutler to go downfield with big plays off of play action.

The fact is Slauson may have positional versatility as a center and guard, but he doesn’t have scheme transcendence and can not execute the blocking scheme Offensive line coach Dave Magazu and Offensive coordinator Dowell Loggaines want to run for their vision of their running game. This was a move about making the team better. plus they freed up more space to either add veteran help during the season and to reward a few of their own free agents to be with extensions before the NFL fiscal year ends.

I was rather taken aback by the reaction of some media members. From fans not so much. I expect fanatics to be fanatical about their hero’s although I personally don’t understand it as I feel it’s about what’s best for the team. After all you’re rooting for the Bears to be a championship squad above watching individual’s perform right? Well this very decorated and proven coaching staff thinks this is what’s best for the team and they deserve the benefit of the doubt…no?

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