After reading some of the excerpts of Lamarr Houston’s interview on ESPN today I started searching around for the whole transcript to make sure I got the full context of the thoughts of one Lamarr Houston and came across some negative commentary particularly from the national media.

Things were being said like why would someone who tore an ACL celebrating a sack while down by 40 points criticize Rodgers for his celebration, or he just fueled Rodgers incentive to beat the Bears why would you dare anger Aaron Rodgers?

Well although the ACL injury at the juncture of the game was ill timed it’s still an emotional game and at that point in the season Houston was having a difficult season and had yet to get a sack, so he just let it out at that point and was more about relief than it was bravado.

I didn’t care for it at the time and thought it was really unfortunate that he got injured doing it, but it was done on spontaneous emotion.

Not some premeditated prima-Donna celebration like the one Rodgers does which is definitely a show of bravado. That would be the difference there and one can see why it would rub opponents the wrong way. However some would say if you don’t want to see it than stop him from getting touchdowns against you. I agree with that. As a Bears fan I still love the fact he openly said it though.

As for the premise that the Bears should be walking on egg shells and not dare to perturb the great and big bad scary Aaron Rodgers I say hog wash. In my opinion I want my football players showing little regard for any opposing players feelings and I certainly don’t want anyone trembling in fear over them.

I think if anyone should be afraid and be intimated it should be one Aaron Rodgers. All Rodgers can do to Houston is make a play on him, but Houston can physically break him in half, so if I was Aaron Rodgers I wouldn’t want to be angering Houston. I mean just look at that pic above. Would you fear Aaron Rodgers if you looked like that?

I do believe the Bears need to have this kind of attitude in order to compete with and surpass teams like the Packers in order to live out their vision of stacking up Division championships, Conference championships and ultimately super bowl championships. So in my world I say bravo Mr. Houston…Bravo!

Now may you and your front seven go out and make that arrogant Aaron Rodgers sit on his head many many times and reclaim the NFC North.

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