Why Roy Robertson-Harris will make the Chicago Bears roster

While the Chicago Bears and their fans bask in the glowing light of a much heralded and nationally acclaimed draft class lost on some is the nearly equally impressive class of priority free agents.

The Bears have signed several un-drafted free agents who have a real legitimate chance to make the team and be important contributors for a spell with the Bears.

Among this group  that has an excellent chance to make the roster or at the least the practice squad is DE/OLB Roy Robertson-Harris.

The 6’6″ DE/OLB from UTEP with condor sized arms was among the most coveted players in the un-drafted pool of free agents and the Bears won the sweepstakes. Robertson-Harris sited his relationship with Bears’ scout Francis St. Paul and outside linebackers coach Clint Hurtt As a major reason for deciding to chose the Bears. This quote from a blog on WSCR 670 The Score from Chris Emma:

 “After a while, I realized I wasn’t going to get that (draft) phone call,” Robertson-Harris said. “I talked to coach Hurtt. He said, ‘I can really work with you. Obviously, you’re going to have to step up in special teams, but I’m going to help you work your tail off to be able to play and help us win some ball games.’”

It’s obvious he feels he can get the most of his abilities working with this coaching staff.

Here’s another quote from another blog by Jake Perper on Chicago Now’s Bear Backer blog page in an exclusive interview with Perper:  

“He [Hurtt] can really turn me into a great player as long as I take his coaching and work my tail off then nothing will stop me.”

He also envisions he and Bears first round pick former Georgia Bulldog OLB Leonard Floyd will work very well together as he mentions in the same Perper interview:

“Me and Leonard can play really good defense together,” Floyd said on Monday in a phone interview. “I think we’ll be really good teammates and help Chicago make the playoffs and hopefully win a Super Bowl.”

That quote right there also shows Robertson-Harris’ character and his buy in to the team concept. Something that falls right in line with the organizational philosophy and vision of what their players are supposed to be like. Not a surprising attitude from Robertson-Harris being a former Team captain with UTEP. Robertson-Harris’ intangibles are abundant and obvious.

He works hard like a captain despite having physically superior skills and being a star defensive player. He could’ve easily just skated by on talent and status and chose not to. Robertson-Harris hustles at all time. No loaf in his game.

No example exemplifies this better than his now well known youtube highlight cut up of When he chases down a running back after running 70 yards downfield to catch him before he scored. for those who have yet to see it check it out on this youtube highlight video at the 3:57 mark.  Roy Robertson-Harris running down running back video.

Just as impressive if not more so is the fact he had the speed to chase a running back who had a significant lead on him and not just 20 yards in front but an additional 25 yards or so to his left. So in essence he had cover 50 yards to catch the back. This blend of Athleticism, Size, Speed, and football Character should serve him well and Robertson-Harris is not bashful at letting you know this either. 
Here in Perper’s piece he goes on to reiterate what kind of player he is and it sure sounds like he’s the kind of player head coach John Fox and general manager Ryan Pace love to work with too:
 “Athletic hard working football smart, football loving person overall. A guy that loves the game and can’t wait to work his tail off.”
Although he has the frame to put on muscle and weight he does need to thicken up a bit and he’s fully aware and prepared to do just that. However he is conscious of the fact it has to be more strength than poundage so he can maintain his freakish athleticism.
While at times he seemed to be a man among boys at UTEP his production while good was not special. In his career he totaled 138 tackles, 25 for a loss, 16 QB pressures in 47 games and 33 starts. Just as a lot of people are saying about Leonard Floyd’s production Robertson-Harris was asked to do a lot more than just going after the QB as you would expect from a team captain.
In his words; “I didn’t get to rush as much as I could have. There were a lot of different fire zones that we were in.  I made as many plays as I could. Going into the Bears defense I feel like I can make a lot more plays than when I was at UTEP.” Under the guidance of this staff along with his want to and immense physical talents I think it’s almost a lock he makes the team out of camp. Lets go through the check test of what this organization wants from their rookie class. Young, athletic and fast? Check. Good football character on and off the football field? check.
Willing to play special teams balls out? Check. Has a love for the game of football and aside from family his number one priority? Check. Now if that doesn’t sound like a final 53 man roster player please…tell me what is?

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