Hebru Brantley creates Kris Bryant mural in Wrigleyville

Get ready to see a lot more of Kris Bryant in Wrigleyville Cubs fans. Artist Hebru Brantley teamed up with Red Bull to create an awesome mural of the Chicago Cubs slugger.

The mural was recently painted on the side of HVAC PUB in the neighborhood that is home to Wrigley Field and the Cubs.

Check it out:


Since arriving in the big leagues, Bryant has been a member of the Red Bull team and was featured in this awesome ad when he was called up. Now he gets the larger-than-life treatment thanks to the awesomeness of artist Hebru Brantley and colleague Max Sansing.

Bryant is the latest Chicago sports star to get a mural in the city. In 2015, a mural of Derrick Rose popped up under the Fullerton underpass.

Check out a few more images showing how the mural was created:

redeye-new-hebru-brantley-mural-in-wrigleyvill-005 redeye-new-hebru-brantley-mural-in-wrigleyvill-020 redeye-new-hebru-brantley-mural-in-wrigleyvill-027


h/t Redeye Chicago


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