NBA Finals: Watch game one of 1991 NBA Finals between Bulls and Lakers

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Chicago Bulls first NBA Championship in 1991. To celebrate, we are going to post the games from that series as well as analysis and reaction on the days they took place.

The Bulls entered the 1991 NBA Playoffs with something to prove. They lost to division rival Detroit in each of the past three seasons. But this year was different.

After sweeping the Pistons 4-0 in the Eastern Conference Finals, there was just one hurdle in between Michael Jordan’s Bulls taking over the NBA: The Los Angeles Lakers.

The Bulls earned home-court advantage for the series as game one took place at Chicago Stadium. The Lakers had been the the NBA Finals several times before and Magic Johnson entered that series looking for his sixth title.

Check out game one below:

As you can see, Chicago Stadium was LOUD for game one as the Bulls were getting their first taste of the finals. The Bulls led at halftime 53-51 but a big third quarter from Los Angeles, outscoring the Bulls 24-15, really set the tone in the second half.

Arguably the biggest difference came from Jordan’s former college teammates. Both James Worthy and Sam Perkins scored 22 points as they were instrumental in getting the opening game of the series. Perkins hit a three-pointer with jut 14 seconds left to give the Lakers the lead late. It served as the game-winner.

With the Lakers up 1-0 in the series, it was time for Jordan to step up in game two.



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