The first images of the D Rose 7’s have surfaced and they look pretty good for the Windy City Assassin.

There’s a lot to like about the seventh edition of Rose’s signature.

The first is that the shoe itself has a really simplistic, clean design. Last year’s edition had a lot going on, with different colors towards the heel stripe. This time the majority of the shoe is the same basic color with the exception of the sole and the D Rose logo on the tongue and the three stripes.

I also liked that adidas decided to bring back the three stripes on the shoe itself, which is something we haven’t seen since the D Rose 4’s.

Secondly adidas continued to put their boost technology in the shoe and went a step further, putting the technology throughout the entire sole of the shoe. This was the case in the D Rose 5’s but they got away from that in the sixth edition. The impact boost has is very real, as it makes it a lot more comfortable and far less noticeable for the player wearing the shoe to jump, cut, run hard, etc.

Finally  the heel of the shoe is a lot more reinforced than in the past. In the last two years, adidas has made a noticeable change to the back end of Rose’s shoe, most likely in effort to keep him on the court.

In the 5’s, the outer shell was hard as well as the foot being narrow, which somewhat forced the ankle to stay in place. In the 6’s, the strap on the back tried to accomplish the same thing.

However in this edition, there seems to be more of a structural, exterior design to help keep his ankle in place. The 2015 Nike HyperRev had a similar structure and from personal experience, it really kept the foot in place.

That’s huge for Rose, who can struggle with nagging injuries like a sprained ankle as well as hamstring injuries. If the shoe can help at least somewhat prevent those type of injuries and keep him on the floor, that’ll go a long way for the Bulls playoff chances.

In short, I really like the design of the new D Rose 7’s and I’m pretty anxious to see the more customized home and away looks this upcoming season.

Take a look at some photos of the shoe below:

adidas-d-rose-7-cool-black-1_o89brq adidas-d-rose-7-cool-black-2_o89bs3 adidas-d-rose-7-cool-grey-3_o89bu1 adidas-d-rose-7-cool-grey-4_o89btq adidas-d-rose-7-white-black-1_o89bvt adidas-d-rose-7-white-black-4_o89bwe

h/t EU Kicks

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