Top 5 retro Air Jordan shoes Jimmy Butler should wear in 2016-17

For those that don’t know, I have a certain fondness with sneakers. With Jimmy Butler holding down his Jordan sneaker contract, there’s a perfect opportunity for the Bulls shooting guard to break out some of number 23’s own best that were created for the living legend’s time in Chicago.

Here’s a list of the top five retro Jordan’s I’d like to see Jimmy G. rocking next season.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Cool Grey 11’s and 72-10’s

If the Bulls keep their alternate grey uniforms next season, which they might as they didn’t look half bad to me, the Cool Grey color scheme would match nicely.

72-10-air-jordanAs for the 72-10’s, it would be a great pairing with their away and/or Christmas day uniforms, especially if the Bulls kept the cursive script uniforms they wore at various points this year.

Additionally, it would be a great troll to wear them against the Golden State Warriors, who are most often compared to the 1996 Bulls team that went 72-10. But alas, they aren’t retros, as Michael Jordan himself never wore them.


5. Playoff 12’s


The mostly black and white look with red accents would be a killer pairing with the Bulls black alternate jerseys. While they’ve had terrible luck in said jerseys, most notably with Butler hyperextending his knee against the Denver Nuggets, this shoe gets the nod for several reasons.

Again, it’s mostly black, so it matches the color scheme, but what really helps is that the white is the secondary color, which is the case for the jerseys themselves. The shoe can be exclusively for when the Bulls break out their black alternates.

4. Black Cat 13’s/Air Jordan XIII “White/Black/Red”


This colorway would look solid and more natural look with the Bulls home jerseys and could be a nice change of pace for Butler’s usual of the Jordan XX9.

3. Toro Bravo 5’s


The Toro Bravo’s are more known for the 4’s version, which don’t look too comfortable to play basketball in. The 5’s have a wider base as well as being high tops. The brightness of the shoe would match well with the Bulls away jerseys.

2. Carmine 6’s


I mentioned that the “Black Cat 13’s” would be a more natural look to pair with the Bulls home jerseys, but the Carmine’s take the cake here. The white base connects with the mostly white jersey, while the large red presence pairs with the red lettering.

Finally the black trim goes perfectly with the black trim of the actual jersey itself. In short, the Carmine’s are a perfect pair for home games at the United Center.

1. Flu Game 12’s


This was obvious. It’s one of Jordan’s most signature shoes because of the signature moment created in them.

And honestly, the simplicity of the design allows it to be worn with any uniform the Bulls wear. Black really goes with anything and with red as the secondary color, it matches the Bulls primary color.

This is a shoe I really want to see Butler wear at least once the during the next season.

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