The Cubs are selling some sort of Chicago-style hot dog pizza thing

Foods at baseball stadiums across America are known to be unique creations. Every year teams come up with some crazy-sounding food idea that fans eventually love.

This year is no different.

The latest team to create something crazy are the Chicago Cubs as they teamed up with Giordanos to pay homage to not one but two classic Chicago dishes. A Deep Dish Chicago Style Dog Pizza will be served at Wrigley Field from July 15-20 as the Cubs host the Texas Rangers and New York Mets.

And yes, it looks as weird as it sounds:


The creation features Vienna Beef hot dogs that are baked inside of Giordano’s stuffed deep dish pizza and served with mustard and pizza sauce. It also features onions, tomatoes, relish and jalapenos.

No, it does not come with ketchup but I’m sure you can find some around the ballpark if you dare to put it on there.

The creation is in celebration for National Hot Dog Month and available for a limited time. There is no pricing yet, but I can imagine these will be posted all over Twitter the next six or so days.


specialty item features Vienna Beef hot dogs baked inside Giordano’s famous stuffed deep dish pizza, served with Giordano’s signature pizza sauce and yellow mustard, the team said. It’s in celebration of national hot dog month.


Chicago sports.

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