Chicago Bears fans are the best in the NFC North

Chicago Bears fans have been ranked as the best fans in the NFC North and the 7th best in the NFL overall.

Take that, Green Bay Packers fans.

This comes from a study done by ScholarBlogs by a gentleman by the name of Dr. Michael Lewis. Lewis has a PhD from Northwestern in Marketing, a Masters from University of Illinois in Industrial Engineering, and an MBA from University of Chicago. Basically, dude is smarter than the general population and knows how to put some formulas together.

Here’s his formula to come up with the results:

Dynamic Fan Equity (DFE).  The DFE measure leverages the best features of the two measures.  Fan Equity is based on the most important consumer trait – willingness to spend.  Social Equity captures fan support that occurs beyond the walls of the stadium and skews towards a younger demographic.  The key insight that allows for the two measures to be combined is that there is a significant relationship between the Social Media Equitytrend and the Fan Equity measure.  Social media performance turns out to be a strong leading indicator for financial performance.

Dynamic Fan Equity is calculated using current fan equity and the trend in fan equity from the team’s social media performance.  I will spare the technical details on the blog but I’m happy to go into depth if there is interest.  On the data side we are working with 15 years of attendance data and 4 years of social data.

The rest of the NFC North came in 11th (Packers), 21st (Lions) and 22nd (Vikings).

The Monsters of the Midway also come in first in the division, according to Forbes, as the 16th most valuable sports franchise in the world.

Yup, the world.

Where do the Packers come in, you might ask? 25th.

So the next time some annoying Packers fan wants to get into it about which franchise is better, whether it’s in a bat, online (those are the worst) or even if you have a friend that’s a Packers fan (God can’t make everyone perfect, can he?), just point to the stats and sit back.

As Jay-Z said, “numbers never lie, check the scoreboard!”

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