Landing Dwyane Wade could set up the Bulls for a big future signing

Dwyane Wade signing with the Chicago Bulls is so crazy, so anti “younger and more athletic”, so far from where the Bulls need to go in terms of building a competitive team for the long term…that it just might work.

Yeah, that’s right. You heard me. It just. Might. Work.

Yes, it goes against everything the front office was preaching this offseason, especially after trading Derrick Rose to the New York Knicks. The only person that Wade is “younger and more athletic” than is coach Fred Hoiberg and the entire front office themselves.

Yes, it goes against everything that Hoiberg wants to do on offense in terms of pace and space. Wade, Jimmy Butler and new point guard/coach/coach killer Rajon Rondo combined to shoot 133 three pointers last year. Klay Thompson hit 276 by himself last season and he wasn’t even close to the highest in the NBA, which would go to Splash Brother Stephen Curry.

But again, it just might work.

This season? Well, this season is to be determined.

Hoiberg is going to have to figure out how to get the best out of three very talented, but three very ball dominant non-shooters that are probably his three best players. Hoiberg’s mettle as a coach will be challenged this year and it remains to be seen whether or not he’ll answer the bell.

But I’m not really concerned about this upcoming season, in all honesty.

The Bulls will be watchable, they’ll make the playoffs, maybe even go to the second round, but we all know the Eastern Conference is LeBron’s kingdom. The Bulls won’t come anywhere near being title contenders unless some serious injuries happen.

Wade’s real value comes into play next season.

See, the Chicago Bulls haven’t had a real recruiter for their team since the Jordan days, and even then, Jordan and Pippen didn’t really recruit because, well, they were the best duo in the NBA. Role players wanted to come play beside them.

Derrick Rose was never a player to recruit others: he’d rather just show up to play with whoever was on the team. Joakim Noah was that guy for a while, to attempt to recruit people, but it didn’t work out that well at least with Carmelo Anthony.

Wade is a different guy.


He, LeBron James, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony are the four best friends that anyone has ever seen, the four best friends that anyone…sorry, had a flash back to “The Hangover” for a second there. But back to the point – the Bulls will have enough space for one max contract next offseason and presumably a need for a point guard, assuming they part ways with Rajon Rondo.

Could Wade recruit his friend to come play for the Bulls?

How does a Big Three of Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler sound? Very ball dominant, yes, but work with me here. Perhaps if he can’t convince Paul, he could tap his running mate, Blake Griffin.

Maybe he could get in LeBron’s ear. Who knows?

But the Bulls at least have a dog in the fight, a shot in the dark as long as Wade is in their uniform.

That’s something that they couldn’t say in years past, no matter how hard we believed.

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