Doug McDermott puts Victor Oladipo on a poster

Chicago Bulls forward Doug McDermott can get up. Don’t believe me?

Well, watch this and tell me if you still disagree:

McBuckets (can this get updated to McDunks now?) did this to new Oklahoma City guard Victor Oladipo.

Both are in Las Vegas as members of USA Basketball’s Select Team as they train. The team provides younger players an opportunity to get their foot in the door with Team USA by immersing themselves within the program and allowing coaches to scout ahead to whom they might want to add in upcoming years.

They also scrimmage regularly against themselves as well as the Olympic squad, which includes Bulls swingman Jimmy Butler.

McDermott is going to be counted on for a bigger role this season as he established himself in the rotation last year under Fred Hoiberg.

In 23 minutes per game, McDermott averaged 9.4 points on 45.2% shooting and shot 42.5% from the three point arc. With the Bulls three best players (Butler-Wade-Rondo) being non-threats from deep, McDermott figures to get a healthy amount of run as a small ball power forward to help space the floor.

Some of the other members of the¬†USA Basketball’s Select Team includes D’Angleo Russell (Lakers), Zach LaVine (Timberwolves) and Chicago native Jabari Parker (Bucks).

McDermott was also spotted at a Bulls Summer League game alongside Jimmy Butler, and apparently lost a bet with Butler after Jimmy did this:

Hopefully, the confidence that McDermott has coming off this opportunity with Team USA will carry over to the upcoming season and will help propel the Bulls back into the playoffs.

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