Chicago Cubs had plans for ‘bombshell’ trade

Theo Epstein and the Chicago Cubs front office may have had a big plan to acquire an arm before the MLB Trade Deadline.

After the San Diego Padres traded pitcher Drew Pomeranz to the Boston Red Sox last week, FOX Sports insider Ken Rosenthal revealed the Cubs were in on the lefty as well. But they may not have wanted him for the long term.

Rosenthal reports that the Cubs attempted to trade Pomeranz and then planned on flipping him in a “bombshell” trade for a starter:

The Cubs’ plan, though, wasn’t to keep Pomeranz, who is under club control through 2018. No, the Cubs wanted to spin Pomeranz for a starter who is under even longer team control.

I could not determine the identity of that starter — it was a pitcher whose “name is not out there (publicly), and probably is not going anywhere now,” one source said.

As for what held the trade back? The Padres wanted infielder Javier Baez in the deal for Pomeranz and the Cubs balked at that idea.

The name of the starter the Cubs wanted is unknown as Rosenthal doesn’t state it, but it’s likely not Chris Archer who keeps coming up in rumors.

While the Cubs continue to be linked to relievers, this shows they are looking to improve everywhere, including starting pitching. After beginning the year at a historic pace, the Cubs’ starters have come back down and struggled lately.

Jake Arrieta looked like his normal self, despite a 2-1 loss to the Mets. Jon Lester and Kyle Hendricks have both made solid starts since the All-Star break.

Whatever the Cubs decide to do, we do know one thing. This will be another interesting deadline for the Cubs.


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