White Sox not looking to move Sale despite “kings ransom” offer

Let’s face it.

The Chicago White Sox are an average team looking to squeak into the playoffs or at least be above .500 so that Jerry Reinsdorf can write the season up as a win.

So to a degree, it would make sense to call the season for what it is (pretty much lost), look at the mostly barren minor league farm system and then plan for the future accordingly, which might include trading guys like Todd Frazier, Jose Quintana, David Roberson and even Chris Sale.

Yes, a favorite for the AL Cy Young Award might finally be on the trading block if the White Sox are 100% serious about building a complete baseball team.

However, it doesn’t seem like the Sox have that vision in mind.

Still, at least the White Sox are a bit cognizant of who they are and where they’re at in terms of going forward which is saying something.

Now, I will admit that I think trading Chris Sale is a bad move. He’s such a unique player and pitcher that it will be hard to not to demand a myriad of both proven players and elite prospects in return. Even then, I’d be very hesitant.

And can we talk about the contract that he’s on?

Sale signed a 5 year/32.5 million extension back in 2013 that was peanuts even by that market value standards.

Now? It’s insanely valuable.

It does beg the question of who exactly would make the offer? The Los Angeles Dodgers are certainly one possible team, as are the Boston Red Sox but what about the North Siders themselves?

That’s right, what if the Chicago Cubs are the ones that made the huge offer?

It’s certainly possible: they have both the proven, young talent as well as a plethora of assets to pull it off.

And they were trying to acquire Drew Pomeranz only to flip him. Maybe they would’ve kept Sale to pair with Jake Arrieta (God that sounds scary) or maybe they would’ve flipped him for multiple pieces.

Who knows?

For now and for the foreseeable future, it doesn’t seem like Chris Sale is going anywhere. But others? Stay tuned.

One thought on “White Sox not looking to move Sale despite “kings ransom” offer

  • July 21, 2016 at 3:01 PM

    Very disappointed. I would hate to see Sale go but year after year of this is too much to take. I have no desire to go to a game even is Chris is pitching. Our decision makers have ground this franchise into a mind numbing experience.

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