Flashback Friday: Dennis Green’s rant about the Chicago Bears after improbable victory

First things first: condolences to the family of the late Dennis Green. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this challenging time and may he rest in peace.

Green was the head coach for the Minnesota Vikings and the Arizona Cardinals. As head coach for the Vikings, he advocated for Randy Moss, who was falling during the 1998 NFL Draft. This was despite having one of the best wide receivers in the nation in Cris Carter.

Needless to say, the duo caused a lot of agony for Bears cornerbacks and fans alike.

However, that’s not what most associate when it comes to Dennis Green and the Chicago Bears.

It was one of the biggest, most improbable comebacks in recent history. I remember having homework that night and turning the game off at the half because me and my father thought it was over.

That ended up being a mistake as the Bears defense and special teams completely turned the tide, including Charles Tillman running back this fumble. Afterwards? Well…Green wasn’t too happy and it lead to one of the most infamous rants in NFL history.

Green was 67 years old.

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