Kyle Hendricks quietly one of the best pitchers in baseball

When most people think about the Chicago Cubs, most think about the names: Kris Bryant, Jake Arrieta and Anthony Rizzo. Even the sidekicks or the role players are well known like Jon Lester, Addison Russell, Javier Baez and Dexter Fowler. The list goes on.

Yet nobody really talks about Kyle Hendricks.

Even I said earlier in the year that the Cubs should flip one of their young bats for an established starter, one that could either push Lester back a slot in the rotation or bridge the gap between Lester and John Lackey.

I even suggested something like Jorge Soler for Zack Wheeler, something that I think might still be beneficial for both sides if both players are healthy and performing.

I can admit I was wrong about the rotation, specifically Hendricks.

That’s right, it’s not Arrieta or Lester with the third best ERA in the MLB: it’s Hendricks. And it doesn’t just stop there either.

That home cooking is something else for the righty.

With Arrieta not having a win in about a month, the offense coming and going and the team being just generally young and making young mistakes, the Cubs will take every quality start that they can get.

Hendricks has been a quiet force for the Cubs this season, and hopefully he will continue this as the dog days of the baseball season and the playoffs approach. Heck, he might even make a push for the NL Cy Young Award.

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