Chicago Bears’ rookie Daniel Braverman could be next man up

With the growing possibility of Alshon Jeffery getting ready to play his final season in Chicago, the question of who could step up and lead the Chicago receivers in 2017 becomes a more serious thought.

A likely candidate to take on a highly contributing role is rookie Daniel Braverman. In his final season at Western Michigan, he was second in the country only to Massachusetts receiver Tajae Sharpe with 109 receptions. He scored 13 touchdowns for the Broncos in 2015 and had a career-high 1,367 yards.daniel-braverman-bears

In his college years, Braverman was known for his ability to create throwing windows for his quarterback through the variations of his route speed and his suddenness. His entertaining jukes and shake maneuvers leaving breaking points make him the perfect receiver for the slot position on any roster. Because of his two-way route ability, he will be the ideal playmaker in goal-line situations.

He is brilliant when it comes to adjusting his route and working towards a scrambling quarterback. Scouts say he has a natural ability to break tackles in the open field and an act for making the other guy miss. He has been compared by many NFL scouts and coaches to Brandon Stokley. After being projected as a 4th or 5th round pick, he could end up being a steal for Chicago after they picked the receiver in round 7.

Braverman will need to focus some attention this summer on gaining weight in order to handle how physical playing in the middle of the field will be within the NFC north. He will be known as a smaller target because of his shorter arm length and lack of height.

The Bears coaching staff will have to work with him as far as getting better at sinking into space if he wants to avoid taking big hits by defensive traffic.

The quickness of his feet and his ability to adjust to route surroundings make him well worth the extra attention.

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