Former Bears WR/Returner Devin Hester released by Atlanta

The Atlanta Falcons have released the greatest returner of all-time and former Chicago Bears star Devin Hester. The move was announced Monday morning as the team called it a “football related” move.

Hester spent just two seasons with the Falcons after being released by the Bears following the 2013 NFL season. It comes just days before the Falcons open up training camp, leaving Hester searching for a team to sign with.

When he was a Bear, Hester was one of, if not the most, electric players in the game. In addition to the Bears defense, Hester’s abilities often scarred opposing punters enough to simply punt it out of bounds and away from him, often flipping the field for the Bears offense.

Hester provided some of the most memorable moments in Bears history, including the kickoff return to begin the Super Bowl agains the Colts as well as this field goal return against the Giants.

19 of Hester’s 20 returns have come as a member of the Chicago Bears. Now with him as a new free agent, should the Bears bring him back to see if Hester has anything left in the tank? Some fans think so, including a very popular one.

It’s hard to see a downside if Hester is willing to return on a small deal for little guaranteed money.

The Bears return team wasn’t anything special last year and Hester showed last year against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that he still might have a little life left in those legs. In addition, it never really seemed right to see Hester in a uniform other than the Bears like he was last year with the Falcons. He’s one of those guys¬†who you’d just rather see spend his entire career with the team.

Stay tuned.

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