The Chicago Cubs make it clear that next year is right now

There is some controversy among Chicago Cubs fans about the trade for Aroldis Chapman.

I am not going to go into the details everyone else is well aware of with his off-field issues. I want to make it clear, I am not a hater.

I have been a Chicago Cubs fan as long as I can remember, have been waiting on next season my entire life, and I support any move that brings us a World Series championship. But like I have already mentioned, I have always followed the North Siders, so I tend to try and keep from getting too excited.

The Cubs gave up a lot of talent to bring Chapman to the Windy City and they will have his powerful arm for at least three months, but then what?

The reliever becomes a free agent after this season, so what happens now if we don’t win it all this year? Call me paranoid if you want, but nothing is guaranteed come October.

I am a sucker for stats and I love research, so I know all about the benefits the lefty brings to the cubbies bullpen. I have seen the numbers on the radar for his heater and watch in awe at his filthy breaking ball. I have read the story in the Washington Post of his change up that was thrown 76 times throughout 2014, and was only put into play once, a third base line-out.

Yes, I am extremely excited about what he brings to the mound late in a game. I’ve read his stats against the Red Birds and that makes the deal even better. I am also smart enough to realize that the New York Yankees came out on top of the deal.

I am all about second chances and as someone who has had my fair share of struggles in life, I am not even going to bring up the off-field stuff. I am just saying this could end up all being another part of the “curse” if this doesn’t go as planned, and Gleyber Torres ends up having the career he is expected to. I am ready for an exciting post season and hope that next season is finally here.


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