ESPN lists Kyle Schwarber, Jose Quintana untouchable

Ahead of baseball’s annual trade deadline, ESPN senior writer David Schoenfield put together a list – because journalists love lists – of one player from each team that is deemed untouchable and not worth of being a part of any deadline deal from each team.

He broke down the player and added why the team should trade him. There were some good ones on the list that made sense, but there were also some that made you shake your head.

Here’s who he deemed untouchable from the Chicago White Sox and the rationale behind it:

Chicago White Sox: Jose Quintana, LHP.

You can’t trade Chris Sale and Quintana, and if Sale is going to bring a lot more on the market — even though Quintana has arguably outpitched him this year — then trade him and add much-needed depth to a team stuck in mediocrity and without much of a farm system.

Am I the only one not seeing the logic here? The Sox are listening to offers on Sale – that does not mean that they’ll trade him. It would take a Herculean effort to make Jerry Reinsdorf even consider moving his golden goose in Chris Sale.

Quintana is actually the more tradeable of the two, as the Sox could get a good package in return as well as teams not having to move their entire farm system.

Here’s what he had to say about the Chicago Cubs:

Chicago Cubs: Kyle Schwarber, LF.

What we know: The Cubs kept Schwarber while trading away top prospect Gleyber Torres. What we don’t know: Did the Yankees decline Schwarber and demand Torres?

As for the Cubs…wouldn’t Kris Bryant, Jake Arrieta or Anthony Rizzo be the ones you’d deem untouchable? Or is that just me?

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