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Funny, Clever, Offensive, Childish, Silly, etc. are all adjectives that come up when describing a fantasy football team name. Every year ChiCitySports compiles a list of funny/clever fantasy football team names for the upcoming NFL season.

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Let’s jump right into things. We’ll get a list of what we deem to be funny, offensive, and clever team names for the entire league. Then we’ll throw a splash of Bears themed team names at you…because we can do whatever we want. I’m drinking beer while doing this.

League Wide Team Names


A Team Has No Name : Any team name involving Game of Thrones is a great one in my opinion. This one specifically with Jaq’en H’ghar’s saying gets me riled up.

Keenan & Kel : If you have WR’s Keenan Allen & Kelvin Benjamin, chances are you’ll be scoring a lot of points this season from them. You’ll also have a A+ team name.

Golden Tate Warriors : You may choke away a championship but hey, you’ll have a funny team name.

Game of Jones : Game of Thrones + Julio Jones = Win.

Gurley’s Gone Wild : Todd Gurley is going to be a workhorse this fantasy season, you could say…he’ll be going wild.

The God of Fitz & Wine : Game of Thrones + Larry Fitzgerald = Win x2.

BadonkaGronk : Gronk is the NFL’s favorite personality at the moment. If you plan on dominating the TE position in fantasy, this is a must name, team name.

Jerk Me Goff : Jeff Goff is going to be the cornerstone for jerk off related team names for the next 10 years. Welcome to the NFL!

Til’ The Sweat Drop Down My Rawls : Thomas Rawls has the perfect last name because it rhymes with balls.

Make AmeriCarr Great Again : David Carr is doing what he can to make AmeriCarr great again!

Valyrian Steelers : Even though this is the bottom of the barrel for Game of Thrones related team names, it still gets a thumbs up from this GoT fanboy.

Rawls Deep : Thomas Rawls makes the list again because his last name rhyming with balls.

Djulio Unchained : Julio Jones + Django Unchained. Julio Jones is going to be the 2016 version of Antonio Brown. You heard it here first.

Dez’d & Confused : Dez caught that ball. However when they ruled it incomplete it left him Dez’d & Confused.

Carrizard : Derek Carr + Pokemon = CARRIZARD.

Dude You’re Getting O’Dell! : I’d be way happier to get O’Dell on my team than getting a Del. #appleproductsbro

Me & Julio Down by the End Zone : Down by the School yard? Nah, the end zone.

Bill Cosby’s Sleepers : This may be my team name’s this season. Gonna be drafting ALL the sleeper picks.

God Hates Jags : Westboro Baptist loves fantasy football but hates Jags.

Magic Mike Evans : Magic Mike shitty movie + Mike Evans. If you want to rely on scoring points via Jameis Winston. Live Life Dangerously.

JJ Waaaaaaaaatt are those? : I have a special place in my heart for this team name.

Fetty Watt : Shitty Rapper + NFL poster boy for destroying opposing QBs.



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