John Kling could play significant role for the Chicago Bears

It’s no secret that the offensive line will more than likely be the weak spot for the Chicago Bears in 2016.

Both Kyle Long and Bobby Massie should have no problem handling the right side of the line for Jay Cutler, but other than that, there are only question marks. With the retirement of Manny Ramirez and Nate Chandler, there has been some concern when it comes to the depth of the Bears’ offensive front core.

image-pv_webSeveral Chicago fans were surprised when there wasn’t a bigger push to bring in a free agent or two, especially with the money Ryan Pace had at his disposal.

One reason for the lack of effort to bring in someone new might be from the signing of undrafted free agent John Kling. With all the additions to the Chicago defense, his name didn’t have a chance to receive a whole lot of attention.

At 6-foot-7 and 318 pounds, Kling takes up a lot of space. He also brings his own level of nastiness and power that make him a force to be reckoned with.

He has already gained experience going up against an NFL All-Pro caliber pass rusher while at the University of Buffalo, lining up against Khalil Mack day after day during practice.

While it is unlikely Kling will see much time as a starter in 2016, he should be able to give a huge contribution as a functional backup to the line. The only real phase of his game that needs some work is recognizing NFL blitz packages from opposing defenses. Kling was a three year starter while at Buffalo who was known for his patience and being an anchor is pass protection situations. He is great when it comes to making the most of blocking angles and has a natural quickness, backed by his size and strength.

Kling spent time at both right and left tackle in college and should not have any problem filling in where ever he is needed in Chicago.

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