Bobby Knight once made Michael Jordan cry during a practice

By now you’ve seen the Crying Jordan meme that has taken over the internet in the last year or so. The image of Michael Jordan crying comes from his Hall of Fame speech in 2009. But that wasn’t the first time he cried.

Jordan’s former UNC teammate, Sam Perkins, told a story of former Indiana head coach Bobby Knight making Jordan cry. The story takes place following a game against Germany in the 1984 Summer Olympics.

Here’s what Perkins told the “Above the Rim” podcast:

Bobby Knight, he got after us. He told Michael that’s the worst he ever played. Now Michael’s going to deny this, but he cried. He cried after the game, because of the fact that Bobby Knight told him, “You should apologize to everybody in here.” I waited for my apology because I thought he was going to actually do it. But he actually cried.

Knight may have a point though.

Jordan scored just 14 points, recorded 4 rebounds and 3 assists in the win. But for a player like Jordan that was coming out of college, it wasn’t good enough for Knight.

Team USA went on to win the Gold Medal, going 8-0 in the tournament. Jordan would later go on to win another Gold Medal in the 1992 Summer Olympics as a member of the Dream Team.


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