Is the Chicago Bears’ next quarterback currently in New England?

No, Tom Brady is not breaking up with Bill Belichick.

Think about this for a minute though. Every athlete dreams about playing in front of the home town crown, having the people who were a part of their everyday lives right there to cheer them on. I am pretty sure we have recently seen this is the NBA a time or two.

Backup quarterback of the New England Patriots, Jimmy Garoppolo is a native of Arlington Heights. He played his college football at Eastern Illinois and to top it all off, he has already been a member of a team that has won the Super Bowl.

Coming back to Chicago would have to be a dream come true for the kid.

Due to the DeflateGate scandal, Garoppolo will be starting the first four games for New England in 2016 and that will more than likely be his audition for the team he is going to sign his next contract with.

According to an article that was published in the Boston Globe, Garoppolo isn’t interested in hanging around New England and waiting for Brady to retire after he becomes a free agent in 2017.

garoppolo-bearsBecause of the fact that Brian Hoyer was only signed to a one year deal, Chicago will more than likely be on the search to add a long term arm to back up and eventually replace Jay Cutler. Cutler is currently entering his third year of a seven year contract and if the Bears were able to bring Garoppolo back home to the windy city, he would be facing the only real competition he has ever seen for the starting position.

There is also the chance that Cutler could start showing a little of his age, considering he will be 35 years old at the end of 2017.

While there will be a couple of other teams that show interest in the 24 year old Garoppolo, the Boston Globe makes it clear that Chicago would be among his top choices if they decide to get in the mix. I don’t want to think it is a possibility, but say Chicago fails to go over 8-8 in 2016.

If anyone is going to be replaceable, well, let’s just say the whole Cutler experiment would surely be coming to a close if he isn’t able to do something with the talent that surrounds him again this year.

Playing behind Brady has only given Garoppolo the opportunity to make an appearance in 11 games during his short career. Throughout those games he has a completion rate over 64 percent and a 91.9 quarterback rating. Garoppolo hasn’t given many games to go off of, but just for the record, Cutler’s career QB rating is currently sitting at 86.

During his time at Eastern Illinois, Garoppolo had a 146.3 career QB rating. He racked up more than 13,000 passing yards in college and threw 118 touchdown passes, 53 of which came his senior year.

Every Chicago fan knows that regardless of the outcome in 2016, the quarterback position is something the Bears will have to address soon. With very limited postseason appearances and the mid thirties right around the corner, it’s difficult to consider Cutler as part of the Bears’ long term future.

Pay attention to how the first four games of the season play out for the Patriots. They might just be a significant part of what happens next in Chicago.

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