Michael Jordan makes fans day by sending him new gear

Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan just made the day for one of his biggest fans out there.

A video of a man playing pickup basketball decked out in Jordan’s full uniform, arm pads and all, went viral in July. The video showed Jeffrey Harrison on the courts and twitter went nuts. Here is the original video:


Now Harrison just had his day made by Jordan himself. Darnay Tripp of KREM 2 in Spokane, Washington shared the story of Harrison, who is autistic, and his love for Jordan. Tripp wrote on Harrison’s love for Jordan:

“He wakes up in the morning watches Michael Jordan videos, studies Michael Jordan moves,” said Harrison’s close friend Alfred Byrd.

The infatuation started when he was just 4-years-old.

“He used to take off so fast, flying through players like a ghost just dunking on them,” said Harrison.

It has only grown since, and he is not shy about showing it. He has been wearing the Jordan uniform since 2010. It has earned him nicknames like Jordan, for instance.  The response it not always positive.

On Friday, Harrison received his gear with Tripp there to document it all:

Harrison got 2 boxes of Jordan Brand gear including some new releases of retro Air Jordan shoes. Tripp shared videos of Harrison reading a letter from Jordan and even talking to him on the phone:

Now Harrison has even more gear to sport from his idol. Good on you MJ.


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