Chicago Bears: (Update) Multiple fights break out during practice vs. Pats

The Chicago Bears? More like Chicago Bare Knuckles.

The Bears were involved in another training camp brawl today, this time throwing down with the New England Patriots during today’s practice.

The first appeared to start with Alshon Jeffery and Pats corner Malcolm Butler grasping each others’ facemasks near the Bears’ sideline and proceeding to pull and shove while both teams started to swarm around them.

To make matters even crazier, Bears’ chairman George McCaskey, who apparently saw the conflict unfold right in front of him, ended up on the field trying to break up the fight. Jeffery was held out of team drills after the fight but allowed to stay on the field. Butler, on the other hand, was sent out of practice by Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

Afterwards, another minor scuffle took place during field goal drills between LaMarr Houston—who has been involved in a few fights at Bears practices already—Pats guard Nate Solder, and everyone’s favorite ex-Bear/current Patriot, Martellus Bennett (who has apparently been dropping passes all day).

For the Bears’ fans out there who think that Jeffery is too soft and doesn’t show enough fight, there you go, I guess. For myself, I’d rather see him keep beating Butler and the rest of the Pats corners between the whistles—the way he and Kevin White reportedly have been doing all day—rather than having skirmishes after the play. After all, do we really need something to potentially happen to Alshon in the middle of a scrum?

Sure, players don’t want to give ground and feel the need to defend themselves in situations like this. Tempers flare. I get it.

But fighting sure hasn’t made the Bears a better team this training camp, so if I were them, maybe I’d try something else at this point.

Khari Thompson

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