The Most Influential Athletes to Play in Chicago – Ever

The Most Influential Athletes to Play in Chicago – Ever

There are so many influential athletes in the history of sports that listing them would take too long – and would take up too much space. But there are some that are more notable than the others, with many of them having some type of relationship with our city. Today we’re going to single out a few of them, and take a look at how they inspired other athletes, or the massive community of fans.

Michael Jordan

When it comes to athletes to impact Chicago sports, Michael Jordan is the first to come to mind. He played 13 seasons for the Bulls, and had a more than impressive record: 31.5 points, 6.3 rebounds, 5.4 assists per game. His skills were good enough to earn him six NBA trophies, and five MVP awards. According to GrizzlyG Gaming, he might just be the greatest athlete of them all, no matter what sport you look at.

Even after he retired, he never lost his touch with his favorite sport. He is chairman and principal owner of the Charlotte Hornets.

Ryne Sandberg

Although the Cubs didn’t win any World Series during his time, Ryne Sandberg was, without a doubt, one of the biggest players ever to play at the team. His record is impressive: hit .300 five times, stole 30 bases five times (including a career-high 54 in 1985), and hit 20 HRs six times (including a 2B record 40 in 1990). And his influence will be felt in the future, too, as he will return to the Cubs as an ambassador. He won’t be on the field anymore, but he will represent the team at some corporate and public functions, and he will also consult players during their training. Although he will not wear a uniform, he’ll continue to be a Cub in his heart.

Stan Mikita

From the field, through the grass, we have finally reached the ice, and the Blackhawks, Chicago’s own ice hockey team. And, of course, Stan Mikita, possibly the best player the team ever had.

Stan the Man owns virtually every record for the Blackhawks, including most goals, most assists, most games, most points, and even the one for the most seasons – 22 – played with the team. He was a two-time NHL MVP, six-time All Star. His record was enough for the 14th place on the all time rankings, he won the Lester Patrick Trophy, several awards for being a top scorer, and had his performance recognized by a statue erected in his honor in front of the United Center.

These athletes are just a handful of the many that can serve as an inspiration not only for today’s sportsmen, but for their coming generation as well.


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